Majeediyya School is the first government owned school and shares a history of more than 89 years of successful existence. Majeediyya school was founded in April 1927, under the name Madharusathul Salahiyya with 69 students. The school name was changed to Madhrasathul Saniyyathul Hukoomathul Mahaldheebiyya (commonly referred to as Madhrasathul Saniyya) in June 1928. The first principal of the school was Sheik Husain Salaahuddin. In 1947 the school’s name was changed to Madhrasathul Majeediyya. In 1951 again it changed to the present name  Majeediyya School. The medium of instruction changed from Dhivehi Language to English in the year 1961, and the first batch of students appeared for the University of London Examination Board Ordinary Level Examinations in the year 1967.

The aim of Majeediyya School is “preparing its students for life, by inculcating the skills, knowledge and values, to mould them into useful and responsible citizens with a Maldivian identity, in line with the principles of Islam and with a broader outlook and towards the manifold facets of life through higher education.”