By Focusing on quality  Teaching  & Learning

  • Well prepared lessons
  • Most suitable strategy & resources
  • Cater for individual needs
  • Create purpose built classroom environment
  • Providing vocational  education

By offering a wide range of  Co –  Curricular Activities

  • -Initiate in planning & organizing various sports.
  • Fully engaged with students & maximum use of time
  • Maintain & monitor attendance and students success

By taking care of Students

  • Build good rapport
  • Use appropriate language & context
  • Ensure cleanliness, safety & well being.
  • Monitor students work.
  • organize behavior modification programs in class

By taking care of Students By remaining as professional Staff with sound character and personality

  • Regular & punctual
  • To be appropriately dressed.
  • Respect for school property
  • Respect for other staff
  • Professional development
  • Maintenance of healthy environment (openness, courtesy, colleagueship,personal hygiene, tidiness of work)