Maldives National Cadet Corps/ Majeedhiyya Cadet Corps

The cadet activity started at Maldives in the name of “Khaassa Party” on 19 th March 1945. A total of 60 students from Majeedhiyya School were selected to join this party. Founder of the cadet movement was Al’Ameer Mohamed Ameen Didi who was the President, the Education Minister and also the Principal of Majeedhiya School at that time. The aim of this activity was

  • To Develop Prefect who would contribute to maintain discipline of stud
  • To inspire school leavers, to be loyal, obedient and be prepared to serve the Nation as it call
  • To demonstrate the imposture of obeying orders and punctuali

Khaassa party wore khaki uniform with side pocketed shorts and was decorated with a cloth belt called the “soaru fothikolhu” which supported a white sarong “Mundu”. They wore a round khaki cap as a head gear. They were trained in foot drill, swimming and boat rowing was made compulsory to them.

Majeedhiya Cadet Corps was developed and modernized with the implementation of English medium studies in Majeedhiya School in 1960. Mr.JV Hill, the Principal of Majeedhiya School, took charge of the activity and renames the party as MCC (Majeedhiya Cadet Corps), sometimes they were addressed as the Maldives Cadet Corps.

Maldives National Cadet Corps (MNCC) was inaugurated on the 25th July 1995 by H.E former president Maumoon Abdull Gayyoom to mark the 50th Anniversary of cadetting in Maldives. This is an organization which functions under the Ministry of Education with the functional and logistic assistance from Maldives National Defence force and consists of cadets and bandsmen of schools Nationwide who are above the age of eleven years.